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Steve Marcotte, Chief Bosun 

AnalogousDesignCo is your go-to resource for on-market, on-message print and web design.


Do you need a great website? I’ve got you covered. I can even teach you how to maintain and update it so it stays fresh and content-rich without relying on “the Bosun” for the rest of your life. (Though, if you’re interested in life-long dependencies . . .) 


Are you ready to integrate social media and email marketing into your brand strategies? Excellent. Let's also get site analytics going so you have the data and metrics you need to make sound strategic decisions. 


I can solve your communication puzzle -whether it's an old school wedding invite, an awesome event poster, business cards or a beautiful, responsive website. Maybe it's time to develop a proper brand identity with colors, fonts and a logo? Talk to me! Damn, I'll even do the photography if we're in the same part if the world.


Speaking of location...

Though I was born and raised in Chicago, things have changed. In 2011 we quit the corporate jobs, sold the house & car, bought a sailboat and headed to the Caribbean. So AnalogouDesignCo is officially a seafaring digital nomad. No problem. We can still get it done thanks to the interwebs...


If you’re in need of some design work, have a question about tuning the rig on your sailboat, or just want to know what it's like to cook fresh caught Mahi while underway, send me an e-mail.

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